Success Stories

Uli Iserloh
CEO, Big Boost Marketing
As somebody operating mostly as a solopreneur, I knew that this couldn't last forever, so I was looking to build a team. When I came across Total Team and their hiring process it really fit exactly into what we needed and the process was perfect for identifying the best team member.
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Josh Felber
CMO/Growth Hacker, Primal Life Organics
What led us to the Total Team hiring process was the fact that we were trying to find the right person. Some of the normal ads that we'd put out there just weren't working for us, so we knew we had to find another solution. Their hiring process was really cool because they had already written templates for the job ads and e-mail follow up sequences, which allowed us to get laser focused on the right people.
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Hubert Senters
I went to Total Team because of my lack of ability to hire good team members. Whether it's placing the ad, finding the good people to hire or training them up. And Total Team has been able to do all three of those and made it really simple and easy.
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Greg Herlean
CEO, Horizon Trust
Each time I am with Vinnie and his team from Total Team I gain valuable insights into our business. I have followed so much advice from them that has led to a substantial impact and improvement in my business and personal life.
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Kent Clothier
CEO, Real Estate Worldwide
These workshops with Vinnie & his team are critical to the success of our company. Total Team is the secret weapon you need in your business. I definitely recommend sending your key people to the Team Training workshop to take them to the next level.
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Nate Kennedy
CEO, Optimized Assets
Total Team has provided invaluable mentorship, guidance and advice in how I run my business. Vinnie and his team have contributed significantly to the success of our company.  I highly recommend attending these workshops.
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